We are manufacturer and also exporter.

Recognized by The plastic export promotion council Registration No: PLEPC/D/228/2008-2009
APEDA Registration No : 159790 Dated 15.07.2009
Crisil Rating date : 27.01.2009 valid up to 06 Jan 2010

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Company Introduction Information

  • Datta Irrigation was formed in 2001 with the main intention of providing latest technology Micro irrigation products at the optimum cost. At that time farmers in mind and the limitation of products and knowledge of drip irrigation it came to the mind of Mr. Pawar the urgent and honest need to come up with the product of the farmer.

    From then on the company has grown and walk far to were it has rich has today with achievement of obtaining ISI and ISO certification. Drip Irrigation is a system which supplies water to the root zone of plant which saves water, fertilizers and labour. By application of such technology nearly 50% of water can be saved and also increased the yield by up to 40 to 50% as compare to other conventional mean of Irrigation. Thus save our most precious natural resource “Water” for which the Central Government has acknowledged the same by giving incentives to the farmers who implement this technology.

    We have also reached a milestone in these seven years by being able to successfully produce and supply the latest “Integral Drip Line” technology products to our customers for which we have undergone a massive up gradation of our Plant and Machinery.

    From the inception of the company and strong dealer network in Maharashtra now boost our presence in five states namely Rajstan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, and Bihar. We have also exported Drip Material to Zimbave,Zambiya, Congo,Afganisthan,and South America since 2004.

  • Complete research and testing facility is available with the company to develop and test new technology and products. From launch of our product in the market we have committed ourselves on giving a five year guarantee on every product sold up to date and we commit the same for the future.

  • Products:

    Our strong beliefs and commitment produce and sale a good quality product with the best technology to the satisfaction of our worldwide customers who have blessed us to where we are today. We acknowledge our success to the support we have received from our customers, but we still feel and know that there is much to be done in this field of drip irrigation and we set that as our target for future achievement and growth.

    Available area-69 million hectors

    We need your support in our success for tomorrow.